Time Limited

What are Time-Limited collections?

Written by Jerry Benjamin
Updated over a week ago

Time-Limited collections are collections that end after a given time period, regardless of whether the project sells out or not. Time-Limited collections are a way to ensure that your project ends after a certain time or after a certain number of editions are minted. Time-Limited collections may help in creating interest in your project and may incentivize interested collectors to mint.

After the project is closed, the remaining editions will be burned. Please keep in mind that once a project is closed, we are unable to reopen.

There are three different Time-Limited Options that a creator can choose from.

1 Week - Best if you expect your project to have high demand from the get-go.

2 Weeks - This is the recommended option. Best if you want to give your project enough time to get traction.

4 Weeks - Best if you want to give your project ample time to be discovered.

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