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Artist-Deployed Contracts
Artist-Deployed Contracts

What are Artist-Deployed Contracts and why should you use one?

Written by Jerry Benjamin
Updated over a week ago

An Artist-Deployed Contract is essentially a custom contract, which gives an artist the ability to deploy contracts from their personal wallet address. By utilizing Artist-Deployed contracts, your piece will now show up on other platforms such as Opensea, LooksRare, and Foundation under the artist’s own page. Async Artist-Deployed Contracts are pushing the envelope of artist ownership forward!

You will also have claimable royalties, using 0xSplits. Now, royalties will work with OpenSea because you define the address + the split. These contracts are collection based, and so right now it’s not possible to deploy onto existing contracts, like a Manifold contract.

You will have to pay a small deployment fee to deploy an Artist-Deployed Contract that varies with gas in the Ethereum blockchain, and is paid to miners and validators, not Async.

Difference between Async Contracts and Artist-Deployed Contracts

If electing to go with the Artist-Deployed Contracts, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

You will have to pick a Contract Title, which is the name of the contract on the blockchain. This is usually denoted as "Blueprint Name" by "Artist Name.”

You will then have to pick a Token Ticker, which is the name of your edition tokens on the blockchain, usually denoted in a few letters in all capital letters. Best practice is to limit this to 5 letters or less.

After selecting your sale details, you must deploy the contact for the artist-deployed contract to be live. Keep in mind that after deploying your contract, you won’t be able to change any of the details you have selected.

You are now ready to publish!

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