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How do I make a purchase on Async using a credit card?
How do I make a purchase on Async using a credit card?

Buying Async Blueprints with VISA and Mastercard

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Note: Credit card payment is only available in supported countries and US states. Please check your location is supported before trying to make a purchase.

Step 1

Make an account on or log in to mint. You’ll find the "Sign Up" button in the top right corner.

We recommend a wallet-based account for experienced users and an email-based account for those new to the NFT space.

Step 2

Return to the Blueprint collection page and you’ll find it now displays a “Mint with Card” option. Click this button to continue through the payment process.

Step 3

Select the number of Editions you would like to mint from the Blueprint. Then click “Next”.

Step 4

Enter your mobile number. Click “Send Code” and you will receive a code via text to confirm the number is correct.

Step 5

Add your credit card details, address, full name, and date of birth. Following this, a Wert profile will be automatically created for you. You will only need to input these details once.

Note: VISA and Mastercard are the accepted payment types. There is a limit of two cards that can be added to your Wert profile, one with basic information and one with full KYC verification.

Step 6

You will be automatically directed to the final step. Enter your card’s CVV/CVC then click “Confirm and Pay” to complete your purchase.

Note: KYC information will be required on purchases above $1000 USD. For this verification, you will need to submit an address document (i.e government-issued certification, bank statement, or utility bill issued within the last three months), along with a photo ID and a selfie.

If you experience order issues or have any further queries, visit the Wert Help Center or contact for assistance.

Read more about Async’s credit card payment integration on the blog.

Can I choose to pay with a different card?

Yes, it is possible to add up to two cards to your Wert account.

On the Confirm Purchase screen, click the “Add new card” option.

To add another card, you will be prompted to verify your identity. Click “Verify with ID” and complete the verification process by submitting an address document, ID, and selfie.

A new card will be added to your Wert account.

If you’ve added two cards and would like them removed or replaced, contact

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