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What is the difference between an email-based account and wallet-based account?
What is the difference between an email-based account and wallet-based account?

Deciding which Async account is right for you

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There are two ways to sign up for an Async account: via your email address or by connecting your crypto wallet.

Both accounts on Async are wallet-centric, each built on top of an Ethereum address.

The difference between an email-based login and wallet-based login lies in whether you connect an existing wallet or allow Async to create a wallet for you.

An email-based account

With an email-based account, Async creates a wallet via a service called Magic Connect.

It simplifies the sign-up process, automatically creates a wallet for you, and grants you access to the tools and collections. All you have to do is sign up for an account with your email address.

We recommend this account for creators who are new to the NFT and crypto space and may not be familiar or comfortable with using a crypto wallet.

Note: The email-based account gives access to the tools however if you would like to mint and sell artwork, a crypto wallet-based account will be required.

You must use your email address to log into your Async account every time.

A wallet-based account

With a wallet-based account, you have the ability to connect your existing crypto wallet to the Async website and create an account through this method.

You will be able to mint and trade NFTs on Async, as well as access the tools.

We recommend this account if you’re comfortable using a crypto wallet.

You can log in with Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, or WalletConnect, so you will need to have a wallet already set up with one of these wallet providers.

In this case, you are providing the Ethereum address connected to the Async account yourself.

You must use your wallet to log into your Async account every time.

Once this account is created, you can add your email address for the purpose of receiving notifications. Your email address is not a way for you to log in.

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