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How do I set up a presale?
How do I set up a presale?

Holding an optional presale before your public sale

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You will be given the option to set up a presale after your artwork is submitted.

A presale allows you to start the sale of your artwork early to a select group of people. It can be useful for avoiding gas wars since each address on the presale list is guaranteed an Edition (if they mint it in the presale window before the public sale begins).

Step 1

Toggle the presale section to "On".

Step 2

Select a start date for your presale. It must be more than 10 days from the date you submitted your artwork.

Step 3

Choose whether to reserve any Editions for yourself. You’ll be able to mint these during the presale for free plus the gas fee.

Step 4

Choose whether to reserve any Editions for Async. These can be minted by the Async team for free during the presale.

Step 5

Add approved addresses you collect to the Eligible Addresses section.

Note: the number of addresses here should not exceed the Max Edition count of your Blueprint. Each address is permitted to purchase one Edition in presale.

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