Async Art is the premier platform where users can create, collect, and sell programmable and generative art & music NFTs. Async breaks down the technology barrier many creators face and allows artists of all backgrounds to participate in the Web3 space.

With our Async Canvas tool, users can create interactive, future-facing art and music without any coding knowledge. The platform provides streamlined solutions for audio and visual creators to make innovative NFTs, including 1/1s and an entire series. We encourage artists to experiment and push boundaries in the NFT space.

Types of Async artwork

What is Async Blueprints?

Async Blueprint is a no-code generative art template on Async Art. Artists can use it to create generative art, which includes, but is not limited to, PFP projects. A Blueprint takes different elements from a single source to generate unique Editions through a random algorithm.

Each Edition possesses a set of rarity traits, which will be revealed alongside the artwork when it is minted. Collectors may even be lucky enough to pull a Legendary Edition, a rare static or animated artwork created by the artist, that usually makes up less than 1% of the collection.

Visit the Async Blueprints gallery.

What are Async Music Blueprints and Blueprints+?

What is Async Music Blueprint?

Async Music Blueprint is a generative music template made for musicians. It follows the same creation process as Async Blueprint but incorporates audio, alongside visual assets.

Music Blueprint allows creators to make generative music collections using Async’s layered method. Similar to the Blueprint template, Music Blueprint generates unique Editions through an algorithm that pulls together different combinations of the composition’s Stem Tracks.

Each Edition possesses a set of rarity traits, which will be revealed alongside the track when it is minted. Collectors may even be lucky enough to pull a Legendary Edition, a rare version created by the musician that usually makes up less than 1% of the collection.

Music Blueprint collections appear in the Async Music Blueprints gallery.

Note: You must be approved as an Async Musician in order to access the Music Blueprint template.

Apply to become an Async Musician.

What is Async Blueprint+?

Async Blueprint+ is a generative art and music template made for visual artists interested in adding audio to their work. It expands the capabilities of the Blueprint template by incorporating audio with the visual.

It has the same capabilities as Music Blueprint but the two templates are categorized differently. Blueprint+ appears alongside standard collections in the Async Blueprints gallery while Music Blueprint has its own music-specific gallery.

The Blueprint+ template is available to Async-approved artists and musicians using Async.

Not signed up yet? Create an account, then follow the steps to become an Async artist.

What is Async Interactive Art?

Async Interactive Art is no-code programmable or autonomous artwork made using Async Canvas.

Programmable artwork

Programmable artwork is digitally-native artwork that changes dynamically based on codified instructions laid out by the artist and State modifications made by its Layer owners. The result is that the art seems alive because it is constantly evolving and changing as time passes or based on Layer owners’ commands.

Async Canvas provides artists with a no-code generative art template to create artwork using a Master and Layers system that allows artists to segment their work and give it a programmable quality.

See: What are Master and Layers?

Autonomous artwork

Autonomous artwork is digitally-native artwork whose Layer or State changes are driven automatically by an outside data source. The evolution of the artwork is beyond human control. The parameters and instructions for changes are hardcoded and connected to a public data feed of the original creator's design.

For example, imagine Layer changes were driven by time. The artist could paint a tree and program it to grow in over the course of a year. This makes autonomous templates well suited for digital storytelling. In another scenario, a painting could be programmed to change every 12 hours to reflect the cycle of day and night.

Async Canvas offers a Day/Night Template for artists to easily compose a piece that changes every 12 hours. There is also a 24-hour template for creating a piece that updates hourly.

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