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How do I make Blueprint assets available for download?
How do I make Blueprint assets available for download?

Allowing Edition owners or anyone to download your Blueprint components

Written by Async Art
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After your Blueprint project has been submitted to and approved by Async, you will need to complete the final publishing stage, finalizing presale and public sale details, and setting download permissions.

You have three download options:

  • No one - your Edition components are kept private, accessible by you only

  • Only owner - the Edition owner has access to the audio and visual components of their Editon

  • Anyone - anyone who visits the website can download the audio and visual components to any Editon in your collection

Regardless of whether you allow your files to be downloaded, the intellectual property of the Blueprint stays with you.

Benefits of making individual Edition assets downloadable

  • It opens up the creative process of your Blueprint to all your fans

  • It allows fellow creators to make remixes or derivative works (Note: They would still need your permission to release derivative works in any capacity.)

  • The owners-only permission creates an extra incentive to mint your Blueprint to see what's under the hood

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