With Async Canvas, you have the option of making the individual states of your Blueprints available for download. If you select either the ‘Anyone’ in the drop down menu, it means each audio and visual component will be downloadable by anyone who visits the website; ‘Owners only’ means only the owners of the individual edition will be able to download its corresponding audio and visual states.

Even though as a standard the intellectual property of your Blueprints stays with you, you might be interested in allowing others to download the individual states in order to play around with the individual components of the editions, such as by making remixes or derivative works (remember that the fans would still need your approval if they were to release the derivative works in any capacity). By allowing anyone to do so, you are opening up the creative process of your Blueprint to all fans who are interested in exploring it and playing around with it - by only allowing owners of editions to download the corresponding states, you might be creating an extra incentive and reward for those who mint your Blueprint to see ‘under the hood’ in a way that other users cannot.

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