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General security

Never share your seed phrase or passwords

The Async team will never contact you via direct message or email asking for your seed phrase, or passwords. We will also never request you to send crypto.

Download an official wallet extension or app

Go to the wallet’s official website and go through the download and install wallet process there. Very convincing scam applications sometimes appear in the mobile and extension app stores. Be careful what you download.

Use a password manager

The most secure place for confidential information is a password manager application. A password manager and generator, like Dashlane or 1Password, will keep your information safe and ensure you don’t have the same password across your accounts.

Make a backup of your seed phrase

Write down the seed phrase connected to your wallet on paper. Storing it offline - and off of your computer or phone - is one of the most secure options. It can also be valuable to share it with a next of kin or trusted family member – see our digital inheritance article.

Double-check all contracts before signing them

This applies to wherever you connect your wallet. Check contracts before clicking ‘sign’ and make sure no funds are leaving your wallet without your knowledge.

Turn on two-factor authentication

Add an extra layer of security to your accounts by switching on 2FA. You can download a mobile app, such as Google Authenticator or Authy, that generates a code for you to input on login. Try to avoid SMS authentication, as this can be subject to phishing scams.

Async will never text or call you

Scammers will try every method possible to try and steal your information. Keep in mind that Async will never send you an SMS or call your mobile number. Anyone who claims to be us is an impersonator.

Async website security

Verify the website address before connecting your wallet

The official Async website address is async.art.

The official Async Marketplace address is async.market.

Our official blog is edition.async.art.

The official help section is help.async.art.

Discord security

Turn off DM requests

We recommend switching off all direct message requests from server members on Discord. Unsolicited DMs often come from scammers.

Verify who is messaging you

Always verify you’re talking to who you think you’re talking to. Async team members have a "team" role assigned to them, which you’ll be able to see by clicking on their Discord profile.

Check links before you click

Be cautious clicking on any links shared on Discord. Lower your risk of a phishing scam by only clicking on links you trust and from web addresses you recognize. Don’t click on ads or images where the link may be hidden. If you want to click a link but you’re unsure, open it in a browser that does not have your wallet installed.

Open a Discord ticket for support

Need help? Under the "Support" category on the Async Discord, click the "Open a ticket" channel. This will connect you securely with the Async team who will assist with your issue.

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