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What Async does + doesn't do
What Async does + doesn't do
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What Async DOES

  • We provide artists and musicians with the tools to produce audio and visual NFTs.

  • We have our own primary marketplace, with the ability to integrate multiple other primary + secondary marketplaces over time, for users to sell and collect exclusive Async artworks.

  • We offer technical support and try to answer any questions you have when using the platform.

  • We encourage artists, musicians, and collectors to participate in the Async community on Discord and Twitter.

  • We hold weekly Twitter Spaces where we gather to discuss a topical issue or project that is impacting the NFT community. The format is Q&A-based and often features artist and musician AMAs. See Async’s Twitter for times.

  • We meet weekly on Discord for a Town Hall chat with the community and to share the latest Async announcements. This is a space for creatives to speak directly with the Async team; it welcomes questions about their own projects and the Async platform in general. See Discord "Announcements" channel for times.

  • We are always open to hearing about partnerships and tightly assess those who we choose to collaborate with.

What Async DOESN'T do

  • We don't directly market your artwork, but we will highlight selected projects from our community. We also offer a marketing best practices guide to support artists promoting their work.

  • We don’t accept applications from artists who have not provided a portfolio of suitable artwork that we envision can be translated onto the Async platform.

  • We never direct message you on Discord via Async or team member accounts. Our primary form of contact with artists and collectors is via the email you signed up with on Async or via support tickets on Discord. We may reach out on Twitter via DM to giveaway winners.

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