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How do I collaborate on an Async piece?
How do I collaborate on an Async piece?

Setting up collaborations and accepting requests from other artists

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How do I set up an artist collaboration?

In the final artwork review step, it is possible to add collaborators. This will assign fellow Async users as one of the artists on the overall artwork and allow them to collect earnings from the piece.

A collaboration request will appear in the selected collaborator’s Async account (via the Canvas dashboard). From here, assigned collaborators are able to review artwork, be credited for their contribution, and confirm any agreed-upon revenue splits between the participating artists.

All collaboration requests must be accepted and agreed upon by each of the participating artists on a piece prior to its submission to Async Art.

Note: while the artist initiating the collaboration must be an Async-approved artist, this step is not necessary for collaborators.

How do I accept a collaboration request?

For artist collaborations, visit the Collab Requests section. This is the two-person icon in the top-left corner of the dashboard.

This section is where you will receive collaboration requests from other Async users and consolidate all relevant information and records related to those requests.

Master Request represents an artist who wants to credit you as a collaborator on their project. By approving, you’ll be displayed as one of the artists on the Master.

Layer Request means someone denoted you as the artist of a specific Layer. Here is where you can mint your Layer within a collaborative piece.

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