Interactive artwork

A 1/1 using Master/Layer system or Autonomous features typically takes around 1-2 weeks to approve. This timeframe can vary depending on the complexity of the piece, any issues that arise, and the number of incoming submissions.


The Blueprint review and approval process can take around three weeks. This turnaround depends on the number of incoming submissions, as well as the Blueprint itself. Some Blueprint collections are approved faster than others, depending on the complexity of the project.

When reviewing submissions the production team checks that

  • all aspects of the work are functioning as the artist intended

  • the artist is getting the most out of the Async tools

  • the work is not violating Async community guidelines and terms of use

If any issues arise, the production team will notify the artist via email and the submission will be reverted to Edit Mode for the artist to make the necessary changes.

After the necessary edits are made, the artist resubmits the work.

The resubmitted piece is NOT put back at the back of the queue. Usually the production reviews again within say 24-72 hours.

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