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1/1 (1 of 1, one of one)

A one-of-a-kind NFT. It’s exclusive and cannot be duplicated. Due to a 1/1's scarcity, it’s often perceived as more valuable and can come with a higher price tag compared to other NFTs.

24 Hour Template

An Async piece comprising 24 Images, one for each hour of the day. This artwork automatically advances through the list over the course of the day.


When digital assets are dropped into a wallet, usually for free. To qualify for an airdrop, a project may require you to sign up for a newsletter, share a post on social or join a Discord.

Algorithmic immutability

Record of ownership on the blockchain that cannot be changed or tampered with.


(i) An investing strategy to give an investor the edge or 'beat the market'. Used interchangeably with 'intel'.

(ii) Someone ahead of the game, who spends hours trawling the internet for undiscovered intel.

Ape in

Buying into a project without proper dutiful research. Usually caused by FOMO and not wanting to miss out on huge gains.

Programmable, dynamic artwork that is made of separate Layers that can change its visual output by its owners or by a public data oracle.

Art collections generated from a single source and made up of a limited number of Editions. Each minted Edition is provably random and unique, giving the collector a 1/1 combination from an artist’s Blueprint collection.

Our one-of-a-kind Async tool for artists to create generative or programmable artwork, with no coding knowledge required.

Async Music Classic

Music with the ability to change its composition. It may sound different each time you come back to listen. This is achieved by breaking down a song into separate layers called Stems. Each Stem has multiple Variants for its new owner to choose between. In this way, a single Async Music track contains many unique combinations of sounds.

Async Player

The official Async music player where you can enjoy listening to Async Music Classic Master Tracks. Click 'Listen on Async Player' on any Master Track page to play the track.

Autonomous artwork

Digitally-native artwork with various Layers or States whose changes are driven automatically by an outside data source. The artwork's parameters and instructions for changes are hardcoded and connected to a public data feed.

Binance Smart Chain/BSC

Binance Smart Chain is a hard fork of the Ethereum blockchain, meaning it has many similarities to Ethereum. The key difference is the consensus mechanism which makes it faster and cheaper than Ethereum. BNB is the Binance Smart Chain currency.

Blank Record

A fungible token (ERC-1555) that is used to record a permanent Mix of a Master Track. On the backend, the ERC-1555 is burned and the user is issued an official NFT (ERC-721) with the Recorded Mix. There are currently three types of Blank Records: Silver, Gold, and Platinum, all the same, but differing in rarity and appearance.

Blend mode

Used in digital image creation, blend mode determines how two Layers interact with each other. For example, how the colors of one Layer blend with another.

Blue-chip NFTs

An NFT collection that is well-known and established. It has broad appeal and its value will not likely diminish anytime soon.

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

A blue-chip NFT collection of 10,000 Bored Apes. Launched in 2021, this PFP collection is highly sought after and boasts a slew of celebrity owners. Ape owners are granted access to exclusive events, and a virtual private members’ club, among other benefits.


Often found on Discord or Twitter, a bot is an automated account that uses AI to complete tasks. On Discord, you’ll find bots welcoming members and moderating discussions. On Twitter, they can tweet, follow and send direct messages.


When an NFT is permanently removed from circulation, it is ‘burned’. Burning an NFT essentially means deleting it. This can be done to increase the scarcity of remaining NFTs in the collection.


A proof-of-stake blockchain that supports smart contracts and NFTs. Similar to Ethereum but more environmentally sustainable than Ethereum. ADA is the Cardano currency.


Something deemed valuable and worth collecting. NFTs are essentially digital collectibles.


A series of artwork from one artist forms a collection. Async Blueprints are collections with each minted Edition deriving from a single source of code.


Copies of original NFT projects a.k.a. scams. Successful projects attract some very convincing copycats that are often indistinguishable from the originals.


An OG NFT collection launched in 2017. CryptoPunks is a PFP collection comprising 10,000 NFTs. CryptoPunk holders own the full commercial rights to their Punk.


Abbreviation of ‘decentralized autonomous organization’, a DAO is a group with a shared goal. Members of the DAO often invest in the organization and every member has authority in making decisions on what is best for the DAO.

Day/Night Template

An Async piece that changes at 6am and 6pm to reflect daytime and nighttime cycles. Optional sunrise and sunset States also available.


Short for 'degenerate', a degen is anyone who throws money into a crypto or NFT project they don't know much about. Historically an insult, sometimes worn as a badge of honor.


When an NFT is removed from a marketplace.


Slang for ‘developer’, generally referring to software, web and gaming developers.

Digital marking

When an image is marked to demonstrate ownership using a hidden mark or watermark, for example.

Digital real estate

Interchangeable with 'virtual land', property, or plots of land in the metaverse. Can also refer to domain names, websites, and email addresses.

Digital storytelling

Telling a story through a digital medium, such as programmable art. This dynamic artwork can allow an artist’s story to unfold over time.


Social media platform for gaming, crypto, and NFTs. Join communities, ask questions and learn about the web3 space. Sign up for the Async Discord.

Dutch auction

When the seller starts with the highest asking price of an NFT and lowers it until it receives a bid.


Abbreviation of ‘do your own research'. Before investing in any NFT or crypto project, it’s crucial to DYOR rather than take anything you read on Twitter or Discord at face value.


A blockchain technology and one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. The majority of NFTs are minted on the Ethereum blockchain. Ether or ETH is the Ethereum currency.


Buying and selling NFTs to make a quick profit. People will often buy NFTs when projects are in the early stages and then flip them when demand increases.

Floor price

The lowest price of an NFT set by its owner. The floor price is the least amount of money you have to pay to get in on a project.


Acronym of ‘fear of missing out’. Prices in crypto and NFTs are often driven by the psychological fear of missing out.


Slang for ‘friend’, often heard on Discord and Twitter to refer to others in the NFT community.


Acronym of ‘fear, uncertainty and doubt’. Can be evoked intentionally or unintentionally. Inexperienced investors often make decisions based on FUD.


The fee for making blockchain transactions paid to miners for the energy used to process and validate transactions. Think of it as the cost of doing business on the blockchain.

Gas tank

A retired feature that was historically used to power autonomous Async artworks, as those Layer changes were still blockchain transactions. Since then, we have uncovered ways to make Layer changes outside of blockchain that do not incur gas fees for autonomous artworks.

Gas wars

Competing to be the next block on the blockchain can result in a gas war which leads to an auction and users paying higher gas fees to secure the next transaction. Gas wars can occur with sought-after assets like NFTs.

Generative art

The intersection between art and programming, generative art is created all or in part through code. Async provides artists the tools to create generative art without the need for programming knowledge. Also referred to as 'algorithmic art'.


A digital file format suited to short animations and popular due to its small file size. An NFT can be created in GIF format.


Abbreviation of ‘good morning’. A way to greet others in the NFT community. You’ll find a ‘gm’ channel on Async Discord.


Abbreviation of 'good night’. A bid farewell to the NFT community after a day of looking at NFTs.


Acronym of ‘hold on for dear life’. Started as a misspelling of ‘hold’. Don’t flip your NFTs, hodl.

IPFS (Interplanetary File System)

A peer-to-peer (P2P), decentralized network for data storage. A network of nodes that host data, rather than data being stored by one central authority. A good place to store your NFTs.


Abbreviation of ‘in real life’. Refers to the world outside of the NFT sphere, beyond the realms of Twitter and Discord.


Abbreviation of ‘if you know, you know’. Being in the know on something or there when something specific happened. Similar to ‘probably nothing’.


(i)The most common internet file format, popular due to its small file size. A suitable file type for NFTs but image quality may be compromised, so we recommend PNG format. Unlike PNG, JPEG does not allow for transparency.

(ii) general term for referring to NFTs.


Individual components that make up an entire art piece, called Master artwork. The owner of a Layer has the ability to control how the Layer looks on the Master artwork by modifying its States. A Layer change is also a transaction on the blockchain, which incurs gas fees but permanently adds an owner's provenance into the programmable artwork.

Legendary Edition

Rare Editions of a Blueprint collection that are not made up of randomized elements. Legendary Editions are exceedingly rare and typically make up less than 1% of a collection.


Abbreviation of ‘let’s fucking go’, often used with 🚀 emoji to express when feeling hyped about a project.

Looks rare

Used ironically when referring to an NFT. Actually means ‘doesn’t look rare’.


The main component of an Async piece. The Master is consistently rerendered based on State changes made by Layer owners.

Master Track

In reference to Async Music, a Master Track is the current mix of the Stems and is consistently regenerated based on changes of the Variants by the Stem Layer owners.


Synonymous with IRL. Refers to the physical world as opposed to the virtual or digital sphere.


A virtual social world built on blockchain and web3 technology. The metaverse aims to be a 3D virtual world where people can meet, play and create.

Mint price

The cost of minting an NFT, a step in collecting Async Blueprints.


The process of turning artwork into an NFT. Minting is adding new information, such as artwork, to the blockchain.


Short for ‘moderators’. You’ll find mods patrolling the Discord or Twitter space, keeping the community active, and making everyone feel safe.


When a price skyrockets or has the potential to go up a lot. Related: 'moonshot' and ‘to the moon’.


One of the file formats required to upload audio tracks on Async tools. WAV is the other option.


Video file format applicable to Async Blueprint animated Legendary Editions.


Abbreviation of ‘not financial advice’. You’ll hear anyone from frens to YouTubers saying 'NFA' before hyping a project.


Abbreviation of 'not gonna make it’. Often heard referring to bad investment decisions, used more often in a bear market. The opposite of WAGMI.


Abbreviation of ‘original gangster’ but can also mean original, genuine, and not a copy. OG is used to refer to early NFT projects or those creators and collectors who arrived early to the space.


Abbreviation of ‘peer-to-peer’. Where two individuals interact with each other without the help of a third party. Blockchain technology is peer-to-peer: it permits a buyer and seller to transact directly.

Partial availability

When only part of the NFT is publicly available, e.g. a full-resolution version may only be available to its owner.


(i) Abbreviation of 'profile picture'. PFP collections are increasingly popular because people use their NFT as their PFP on social media platforms.

(ii) Abbreviation of 'picture for proof'. If someone requests PFP, they're asking for photographic evidence.


A digital file format popular among NFT artists due to its high-image quality, option for transparency, and the fact it can be viewed in any browser.

Presale list

A list that grants those on it early or exclusive access to an NFT project, usually to purchase it early or at a lower price before the public sale.

Primary marketplace

Where the creator of an NFT can list their digital asset for sale. Async is the primary marketplace for Async creations.

Probably nothing

Used ironically to mean 'probably something’. Often heard referring to a project of significance.

Programmable art

Digitally-native artwork that changes dynamically based on codified instructions laid out by the artist and State modifications made by its Layer owners.

Programmable music

Digitally-native audio track that changes dynamically based on codified instructions laid out by the artist and Stem modifications made by its Stem Layer owners.

Real-world asset (RWA)

Non-crypto assets. An NFT project may offer investors real-world assets adjacent to its NFTs.

Recorded Mix or Recording

A way to immortalize the current state of a Master Track before it inevitably changes. A Blank Record is required to store the Recorded Mix.


Gamer slang for ‘wrecked’, rekt is used to describe anyone who has been completely ruined or destroyed i.e. in a shooter game. It now encompasses someone who has been ruined making a bad investment or experienced a rug pull.

Right-Click, Save As

The argument made by people who don’t fully understand NFTs and their use cases. “Why would I pay for an image when I can right-click, save as?”


An outline of a project, its future plans, goals and strategies. An NFT roadmap could include plans for future artworks, collaborations etc.

Rug pull

When the team behind an NFT project abandons it and runs away with all the funds — pulling the rug from under investors’ feet. It’s a pretty common occurrence, so watch out!

Secondary marketplace

Where the owner of an NFT can re-list and resell their NFT.


Marketing or promotion to create excitement around a crypto or NFT project. Often used pejoratively to refer to malicious promotion.


A proof-of-history blockchain growing in popularity in the NFT space due to its lightning-speed transactions and fees equal to less than a cent. SOL is the Solana currency.


A cryptocurrency whose price remains stable and is pegged to a fiat currency like the dollar. Can but isn't always backed by a reserve asset such as the dollar.


Alternative versions of a Layer. The owner of a Layer can switch its state whenever they choose and this change will be reflected on the artwork's Master.


In reference to Async Music Classic, a component of the track that can be modified at anytime by its owner and the change will be reflected on the Master Track. The equivalent of a Layer in Async artwork.

A Stem change is also a transaction on the blockchain, which incurs gas fees but permanently adds an owner's provenance into the programmable music.

Stem Mix Key

The Stem Key Mix denotes the current state of a Master Track. It is usually denoted in the left corner of a Music Blueprint cover image and automatically updates to reflect the current state of the Master Track.


Slang for ‘season’. In NFTs, it refers to the market cycle, an NFT szn can last 1-4 weeks.


An optional function to organize Blueprint Layers into groups if necessary. Types can help to further diversify a collection.


An alternative version of a Stem. The owner of a Stem can switch its Variant whenever they choose and this change will be reflected on the Master. The equivalent of a State in Async artwork.


Acronym of ‘we’re all gonna make it’. You may also hear it shortened to ‘GMI’, 'gonna make it'. Something crypto and NFT natives say to one another when optimistically anticipating future returns.

Wash trading

Making an NFT appear more valuable than it is by selling it to yourself. The NFT is traded from one wallet to another - a growing problem in the NFT space.


The third generation of the internet built on public blockchains, AI and machine learning. Web3 aspires to be a better version of the internet with open websites and decentralization.


Wrapped ETH, a wrapped version of Ether. WETH can be unwrapped at any point and redeemed for ETH.


People or wallets with huge amounts of capital. When they buy or sell, it can shift the whole market.

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