This information applies to those who have signed up for a beginner-friendly email account and would like to transfer their Async account to their crypto wallet.

For more info see: What is the difference between an email-based login and wallet-based login?

You cannot transfer the account in itself, nor can you transfer minted or in-progress artwork on the Async Canvas, over to a wallet account.

You can transfer the email address, username, and allowlist status of the account over by following the steps below.

You can also transfer any purchased NFTs to a new account by adding them to the associated crypto wallet by following the second set of instructions below.

How to transfer your email address, username, and allowlist status

Step 1

Gather all the information (email address, username, and allowlist status) from your old email-based account and make a note of it. If you’ve set up a bio and added other details, make sure you have this saved elsewhere also.

Step 2

Create a new account with Async via one of the crypto wallet options.

Tip: We recommend Metamask for the best experience with Async.

Step 3

Contact Async via email ( with the subject line "Transfer my account".

In the email, please include:

  • Your email-based account login information: the email and username.

  • Your new crypto wallet-based login information: the ETH address and username.

  • Any Async allowlists you are currently on.

  • Whether you require the old email-based account to be deleted or left open.

If you require deletion, we will delete your old email-based account in order to free up the associated email address and username. You will be notified once we have done this and be free to use this on your new wallet-based account.

If you require the account to be left open – perhaps due to having test works or artwork previously minted on the account – we recommend changing the username of this old account to "[your username] archived" or something similar. It will remain on the Async website after your account has been closed.

How to transfer purchased artwork to your crypto wallet

You will need to extract the private key from your email-based account, load it into your crypto wallet then transfer the tokens via a marketplace, such as OpenSea.

The instructions below outline how to transfer your artwork to a Metamask wallet.

Step 1

Go to and enter your email address.

You will receive a request via email to confirm your Magic account. Open the email and click the "Log into Async" to go back to your browser.

Step 2

The page will open to reveal your private key. Make a copy of this key.


Warning: After exposing the private key, consider this wallet slightly less secure than it was before. As a best practice, we recommend you do not continue to use this wallet for storing anything of value once the private key has been exposed.

See also: How do I transfer a token?

Step 3

Load your private key into your Metamask wallet by following the steps outlined on the Metamask website.

Once completed, you now can use this wallet anywhere.

Why can’t I move my minted or in-progress to my new account?

Minted or in-progress artwork on Async Canvas is inherently tied to the underlying ETH address associated with your email-based account.

Minted artwork

If you have work already minted, we recommend changing the username of this account to "[your username] archived" or something similar. It will remain on the Async website after your account has been closed.

In-progress artwork

If you have artwork in progress in the Canvas tool, you'll need to rebuild this work under your new account. Luckily, most of the heavy lifting is done outside of Canvas where you organize and save your PNGs, so rebuilding a piece shouldn't take too long.

Tip: To save time, don’t request that we close your old account until you’ve copied and pasted across all the info from your projects in the new build.

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