PHASE 1: Creating Your Blueprint

  • Watch this tutorial video to understand how to use our Blueprint template

  • Decide on your price and editions. Editions x Price = Your Market Cap (highest ETH you’ve sold a 1 of 1 piece for). Eg. If you’ve sold a piece for 10 ETH, a suitable ratio might be 100 Editions at 0.1 ETH.

  • Submit your Blueprint for approval

  • While you wait for approval, start gathering your presale list. You can do this by asking people to drop their wallet addresses (no ENS support yet, so no .eth handles!) on a tweet and/or scraping data on which wallet addresses hold your work. Tools like Premint or even Google Forms can help here.

PHASE 2: Publishing Your Blueprint

  • Lock in your presale list as you will need it to publish your Blueprint to the site

  • Remove duplicates from the presale list. Tools like DeDupeList can help here.

  • Your presale list should be in the format of one wallet address per line separated by commas

  • Once we approve your Blueprint, you will be able to set a presale and public sale date. However, please note that Async requires a 10 day lead time and does not allow for launches on weekends.

  • In terms of length of presale, we recommend a time window of at least 24 hours.

  • If you’re doing a presale, you can allocate up to 10% of the collection to yourself, and up to 10 to the Async team to potentially use as giveaways (any unminted Editions will go to public sale). Put in how much you will allocate to both yourself and Async (if any).

  • Ask the Async team what your blueprintID is for artist allocation minting

  • Please make note of the blueprintID, and quantity of allocation as you will need these numbers later on during the presale.

  • Add your presale list into the text field

  • Hit publish. Your Blueprint will not go live on the site until the go live date you selected.

PHASE 3: Before Launch

  • Post teasers of the collection on social media

  • Plan out how you will use your giveaways

PHASE 4: Presale

  • Mint your allocation to use for giveaways and contests. You will need to do this on Etherscan using the following instructions:

  • Add the link to the collection to your social media handles for easy access

  • Add a link to the collection to your website (if you have one)

  • Post on social media about presale going live with link to the collection

  • Post the link to the collection on the Async Discord in #share-your-blueprints

  • DM the link to your VIP holders telling them it is live

  • Host an event like a Twitter Space to talk about the collection, point people to the link in your bio, and mention the date of the public sale

PHASE 5: Public Sale

  • Post on social media about public sale going live with link to the collection

  • Schedule and announce your giveaways

  • Post the link to the collection on the Async Discord in #share-your-blueprints

  • Join Twitter Spaces and talk about your project, point people to the link in your bio

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