There are a few ways of creating an account on Async. Because of this we see that people sometimes create multiple accounts accidentally. This article should clear any confusion if you find yourself logged in and see that your username has changed, or that you're no longer whitelisted.

All accounts are wallet-centric

The first thing to keep in mind is that all accounts are tied to an underlying Ethereum address. Every account is built on top of an Ethereum address, whether it has an Email attached to it or not.

Two most common Login methods


If, when you sign up for the first time, you choose to use your email, we use a service that securely creates an Ethereum address for you. Logging in via Email is considered the more beginner way of creating an account since it assumes you don't already have an Ethereum wallet you want to use. More info on this here:


The other way to Sign up or Login is using your own wallet, typically through Metamask. In this method you're providing the Ethereum wallet yourself as your way of logging in. This is the recommended way to Login if you're familiar enough with Ethereum and have your own wallet. If you add your Email to this account it is purely for getting notifications and not to be used as a way to login.


Because there are two separate methods of logging in, we often see people creating two different accounts. Below are some common issues we see users running into and how to fix them.

Issue #1

You first create an account using your email which means we generate an Ethereum wallet for you. Then, later on you decide to sign in with Metamask which leads to a different account (since accounts are based on the underlying wallet address). Now you want to use this account but can't add your email to your profile because it's in use on the other account. If you're having this issue please email us at and we'll delete your old account. This will free up the email to be added on your Metamask one.

Issue #2

You first login using your Metamask or other preferred wallet login. You add your email to your account so you can get email notifications. Later on you try to sign in with your email and get an error that the account doesn't exist. In this case you need to make sure you're always logging in by Connecting Wallet since your account is based off your Metamask.

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