With the release of Blank Records on Async Music, we've also added the ability to purchase with credit card. This was a feature we've been wanting to implement since day one to help lower the barrier of entry for people who are new to the NFT space.

With this feature came its own technical hurdles, and so in this article, we'll break down the difference in experience if you decide to buy a blank with a credit card.

Purchasing a Blank

First, you purchase a Blank Record compatible with the song you want. You will find these down below on the player page for any given song.

What you are purchasing is an ERC-1155 token. There are 3 types: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. They all work exactly the same, the only difference is in rarity and cosmetic appearance. As you can see in this screenshot, they each have the option to purchase via credit card or crypto.

Supply Split

One thing you may notice right away is that the total amounts remaining are unique to each bucket within the same Blank type. ie. Silver Blanks has 650 left under credit card and 950 left under crypto. This was done to better account for the remaining supply as both purchase methods have their own way to keep track. For the remaining supply via crypto purchases, we just check the blockchain. For the remaining supply via credit card, we need to keep track on our end.

Virtual Blanks

Being able to buy a Blank Record with credit card has made it much more convenient for new collectors to enter the space. However, with this convenience comes a delay in when we can send you the actual underlying token (up to 45 days.) The problem with this is that Blanks are meant to be used! Their main purpose is to be recorded onto and we'd hate to delay this experience for credit card buyers. Find out more about how Blanks work.

Enter "virtual" Blanks. If you purchase with a credit card you will see the blank in your collection right away, and you'll be able to use it to record at any time. You have full control over the asset, we just don't deliver the underlying token to your address right away. This is why you may see "Not yet tradable" on some Blanks or Recordings. After the allotted time has passed, you'll receive the token in your wallet, whether it still be as a Blank or as a Recorded Edition. At this point, you're free to trade, sell, or whatever else you'd like with it!

If you purchase a Blank Record with ETH you will receive the underlying token immediately and have full ownership.

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