What is Async Music Classic?

An overview of Async Music Classic and how it works

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June 2022 update: Async Music Classic (formally Async Music) is a retired feature on Async. The article below outlines how it worked.

Async Music takes the core concept around Async Art and applies it to the layers inside a music track. As a very simple example, imagine the "Drum Track" in a song actually has 5 other versions that could be turned on or off. If you own this "Drum Track" layer (or Stem) you're able to choose which version of the drums are currently active for all to hear. Here's a breakdown of the components in a Master Track on Async:

If you're familiar with Async Art, here is the music terminology paired with the art equivalent:

Master = Master Track

Layer = Stem

State = Variant

Async Player

We've built a brand new music player experience to enjoy Master Tracks made on Async. The player page is separate from the buying experience and can be found by clicking "Listen on Async Player" underneath any Master Track page.

Async Player pulls up all the info you'd want about the song in one place. It has a breakdown of all the stems, it's current settings, as well as the owners of each individual piece.

Stem Mix Key

On all Master Tracks you'll find a Stem Mix key. This is hardcoded into the cover image itself and automatically changes to reflect the current state of the Master Track. There's also a QR code inside this key which when scanned brings you directly to that tracks player page.

You can learn more about the Stem Mix number in this article.

Limited Edition Recordings

One other feature we're introducing with Async Music is the ability to create limited edition Recordings of the Master Track. Learn more about Recordings.

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