After submitting your work through Canvas, you will eventually receive an email letting you know your piece is ready to mint. Head back to Canvas and you will now see an orange "mint" button next to your submitted piece. Click "mint" to review your work one final time.

At the bottom of the review page you will see another orange "mint" button which will bring you to the minting page.

Day/Night, and other templates that don't have any separate purchasable Layers will just be one transaction.

However, pieces with purchasable layers have to be minted in a specific order. You first need to mint the Master before any of the Layers which you see here on the first. step. Once this is minted you can move on to minting the Layers.

You don't have to wait for each layer to mint before submitting the next. At this point you can submit them all.

Once all of the layers have been minted you can click "Next". Here you'll see a confirmation and link to view your work! Congrats!

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