Step 1

Sign up to Async to start collecting artwork.

You will need to select the "Connect Wallet" option and connect to your crypto wallet. We currently support Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, and WalletConnect. Please ensure you have a wallet set up with one of these first.

Need help setting up a wallet? Follow these instructions for Metamask.

Step 2

Approve Async to connect to your wallet. Clicking your preferred wallet will trigger a pop-up window and a login request notification. Follow the approval procedure to connect your wallet to the Async website.

Troubleshooting: If the push notification/pop-up fails to load, please disable browser ad-block tools for Async and your chosen wallet.

Step 3

Start browsing. Anything in our Market is available for collecting.

We currently have 4 different Galleries for collectors to browse:

Step 4

Aside from purchasing with ETH, anything in our art Blueprints & music Blueprints galleries can also be purchased using Credit Cards.

Note: Credit card payment is only available in supported countries and US states. Please check if your location is supported before trying to make a purchase.

See also: How do I buy Async artwork?

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