“Layers” are the individual components that make the entire art piece, called the “Master”. The “Master” piece (pun not intended!) image is constantly regenerated based on state change settings that a “Layer” owner has set on the blockchain.

Layers have unique abilities determined by the artist. And if you own a Layer, the controls are opened up to you. When you make a change to your Layer, the Master image will update to reflect your change! Check out this insanely helpful gif created by AlottaMoney:

Every Master and Layer have a different token and can be owned by different collectors.

How do Layers Work?

Layers are the individual images that make up the Master image.
Think of them like layers in a Photoshop file.

All images should be the same dimensions as the overall canvas. They should be PNGs that include transparency. That way, when they stack up all together, each object is in the right position on the canvas.

States are alternate versions of a Layer.

Layer owners can switch which State is active at any time.
This will automatically be shown in the Master.

Of course, there’s much more you can do than change circles to triangles. Layers and States give you the power to create completely dynamic worlds. We look forward to seeing what you make.

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