The Master is the main component of an Async 1/1 upon which the individual Layers can be assembled. The creator sets the parameters for how each Layer is permitted to change. Layers can have various States. The final Master is consistently rerendered based on State changes made by Layer owners.

For example, an artwork can feature a sky Layer with three States: sunny, rainy, and snowy. The owner of this Layer can change the background Layer to any one of these States at any given moment. This change will be reflected on the Master immediately and results in an ever-changing artwork with unpredictable weather.

OG crypto artist Alotta Money made a helpful GIF to explain how the Master and Layers interact with each other:

The Master and each Layer are individual NFTs, so they can be owned and traded as such. Once a Layer of the artwork is sold, only its owner will be able to choose the State of their respective Layer.

How do Layers Work?

Layers are the individual images that make up the Master image.
Think of them like layers in a Photoshop file.

All images should be in PNG format with transparency and have the same dimensions as the overall canvas. When the files are stacked up altogether, each object should be in the right position on the canvas.

States are alternate versions of a Layer.

Layer owners can switch which State is active at any time.
This will automatically be shown in the Master.

Of course, there’s much more you can do than change circles to triangles. Layers and States give you the power to create completely dynamic worlds. We look forward to seeing what you make.

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